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3 keys to making B2B eCommerce more appealing

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A generation of buyers is bringing its online habits to work with them. More and more are shopping online for your products. Wholesalers have to be sure their b2b eCommerce has good, reliable content and a great customer experience.

Do more business with B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce today is an indispensable part of a wholesaler/distributor’s channel mix. As in the B2C world, a significant percentage of B2B sales is shifting online. Today’s buyers, younger and acclimated to eCommerce, seek the same kind of convenience they get in the B2C world. In fact, most buyers in one survey would spend more with a supplier that offers a robust website. Here are suggestions to get those buyers to spend more with you online.

Good content

Good content begins with product descriptions and images that put your product in the best light possible. B2Bs can also build buyer confidence in their brand with blog articles, buying guides and case studies.

Accommodate Your Customers

B2B eCommerce websites bring new and repeat customers. Your website has to allow for the first-time visitors and repeat customers. Thus, a website needs to accommodate for different pricing structures, such as discounts for particular buyers.

Efficient Checkout

Checkout should be as smooth as possible. You should provide flexible purchasing methods, from on account to credit card purchases. This doesn’t just create a better customer experience, but choice at the checkout to pay immediately for purchases maintains steady cash flow.

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