Apparel Brands Turn to B2C Channels to Grow

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Brands that once sold exclusively (or largely) through their retail trading partners are finding new life selling direct to consumers. Fashion brands, in particular, rely on B2C channels more frequently. Why? eCommerce websites and innovative brick-and-mortar prove to be effective channels for increasing sales and maintaining brand control.

The Growing Importance of B2C Channels

From casual to luxury to sportswear, B2C channels are emerging as a critical, if not the most important growth channel in the fashion world. Indeed direct-to-consumer sales are growing across all major categories, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Simply put, eCommerce and social media give brands a direct line to consumers.

It’s not just eCommerce

Apparel and footwear seem to be the crucible of brands opening B2C channels.  Nike has famously developed its direct-to-consumer efforts. It now lists more than 16,000 items on Amazon, and its experience stores give the brand a purposeful brick-and-mortar presence. In fact, making physical stores part of a brand-focused direct to consumer strategy has helped turn things around for another company. Thanks in part to its Champion Athelticwear stores, Hanesbrands recently saw its first quarter of growth in two years.

The B2C Advantage

Brands that once largely did wholesale now use B2C channels to get what retail trading partners can’t give them. Namely, it’s about connecting the brand to capture and nurture the customer relationship. This, in turn, gives them more insight to their customers preferences, allowing for more targeted marketing, pricing promotions and improved customer experience.

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