Seeing Past the Amazon Australia Rumors

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When exactly will Amazon Australia launch? From the moment news broke of Amazon’s arrival, the speculation proliferated. Every week, someone guessed a new date. And now with the Christmas shopping season approaching, we hear it’ll happen soon. Retailers, however, should see beyond these Amazon Australia rumors. Instead, they should focus on how they will make Amazon part of their multichannel business once it really gets running.

Preparation is More Important than Amazon Australia Rumors

First, let’s get the latest rumors out of the way. Market analysts, always interested in whipping up more interest in a particular stock, stoked the fires recently. This time, they say, Amazon will launch by November 24, in line with Black Friday in the US. While Amazon Australia head Rocco Braeuniger wouldn’t confirm this at a summit on November 13, other “evidence” suggests it might be true. Apparently, Amazon contacted sellers to get ready as Amazon “will hopefully” launch for Black Friday.

An Alternative View

Of course, without any public confirmation, we only have more of the same Amazon Australia rumors. And even if it were to launch by Black Friday, product selection will be relatively limited. First, Amazon will stock up on products from existing vendors overseas to build up inventory. Secondly, while it invited Australian businesses to sell in September, the late date may limit what products these businesses will divert from their existing channels to a new channel. In other words, more sellers will be in a position to sell at a time when their inventory is not already slated for existing channels. Thus, even if it launches now, 2018 after the holidays will be when it takes off.

Let Cin7 Help You Get Amazon Ready

The bottom-line: Amazon Australia rumors don’t matter; Amazon opportunities do. Cin7 wants to help retailers see how to make Amazon Australia a vital part of their multichannel business.

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