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When Will Amazon Australia Launch for Real?

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When will Amazon Australia Launch in full? From the first 2016 reports of Amazon’s imminent arrival Down Under, media based predictions on spotty clues. Furthermore, Amazon remained silent on its plans until it finally confirmed its intentions in April. By August, Amazon proved nearly confessional when it acknowledged the preparation of a fulfillment centre in Sydney and Melbourne. Now, news reports say Amazon may launch in time to start selling during the Christmas shopping season. So, when will Amazon Australia really launch? Moreover, what does its timeline mean to businesses that want to become Amazon Sellers?

Amazon Australia Launch Will Be Progressive

Amazon may very well begin selling in Australia as early as October, but the marketplace appears to be rolling out in stages. First, analysts foresee an initial October launch timed well before Black Friday on 24 November, 2017. However, it’s quite likely that Amazon will give first consideration to its existing suppliers. In fact, the analysts report the company has already placed orders with Amazon Vendors.

Amazon Australia Launch Starts Small (Relatively)

Australians have shopped on for years. However, the company limited its offering to Kindle purchases. Obviously, what makes big retailers anxious is a complete Amazon Australia launch. This includes its membership scheme, Amazon Prime, and the huge number of products it will sell at low prices.

Amazon Australia’s initial reliance on Amazon Vendors means it will start relatively small. Nobody can say how many products Amazon Australia will ultimately sell, but it can get big. For example, in the US, Amazon offers more than 480 million product SKUs across multiple categories. This includes departments for home and garden products, clothing, and beauty and health.

Amazon Prime Comes Later

Amazon’s membership scheme, Amazon Prime may also have big retail in Australia worried. Amazon Prime gives members perks for a monthly feel. In the US, it includes free two-day shipping for eligible products, special promotions, and unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows. Such perks have led to loyal customers that spend more. Amazon reportedly has 80 million Amazon Prime members in the US. Analysts estimate Prime members spend $1,300 a year on the platform, nearly twice what non-Prime customers spend. Observers predict Amazon will not offer Prime in Australia until July 2018.

Amazon Already Looking for Sellers

While Amazon Australia will first sell Amazon Vendor products, it won’t take long to bring on more businesses as Amazon Sellers. In the US, Amazon makes it very easy for a business to become an Amazon Seller. However, keeping with Amazon’s progressive rollout in Australia, the company now invites businesses to qualify as an Amazon Seller.

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