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How to Tap 100 Million Amazon Prime Customers

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One item in Jeff Bezo’s recent letter to shareholders caught a lot of attention. After 13 years, Amazon has surpassed 100 million Prime customers. These customers pay an annual subscription and get deals on products, shipping and media services. Moreover, they spend a lot more every year on Amazon, making prime subscribers a prime reason to sell on Amazon.

Prime Customers are Motivated Customers

If you put all of Amazon’s global Prime subscribers in one geographic place, they could form the 14th most populous country on Earth. In other words, it’s a sizable customer pool for sellers to tap. In spite of its many benefits to customers, some analysts think maybe Amazon has hit its maximum number of subscribers. Even so, 100 million Prime customers will be the ones sellers want to win over.

Motivated Buyers

While most of those subscribers live in the US, the numbers are growing worldwide. As Amazon expands Prime (for example, later this year in Australia), those analysts may be wrong about that ceiling. All else being equal, Prime customers are active consumers. According to research, they spend an average of $1,300 a year on Amazon, as opposed to $700 for non-Prime customers.

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