Multi-Channel Inventory and Order Management 

The Easy way to run your retail stores in the cloud.

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The easy way to run your Retail Store on the Cloud.


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Works Online and Offline

Cin7 POS continues to function even if your internet connection doesn't. You have the ability to work offline for more than 24 hours. Your data will automatically sychronise the next time you connect.

Once you're online, all your orders are updated into the Cin7 system along with the latest product, stock and customer information.

You Choose Your Hardware!

Choice can be limited when it comes to compatibility between the type of hardware you have and the software you want to use.

Cin7 POS opens within any modern web browser. This means it will work with equipment you already own, including barcode scanners, cash drawers and printers.


One Seamless Solution

Business at the speed of light. Sound good to you? Do stock look-ups, check Gross Profit and make sales even when the stock isn't on hand in your store. Keep track of your customers sales order as they visit different departments within your store.

As a result your customers will have a greater shopping experience. 

When connected with Xero, Cin7 is a complete cloud-based business system. It does away with the complexities normally associated with inventory management, ensuring smooth operations, and accurate data.

When you're well-informed, your business runs smoothly.

  • Orders made through Cin7 are automatically integrated into Xero.

  • Xero displays your real-time cash. You can compare live data to your recent acquisition costs.

  • Automatically match products ordered with items listed in Xero.

  • Sales records are clearly matched to your customer records in Xero.

  • Contact and supplier information from your Cin7 CRM is updated in Xero.

  • Quicker end of year accounts.

Learn About Cin7 POS